Why another economy?

It’s tough out there. The economy isn’t showing much sign of getting back to ‘normal’. Businesses have reopened after the floods. But many people feel the bite of austerity, low wages, zero hours contracts, debt and turbulent times.

Do we need a different approach? A vision for a just, sustainable economy where people matter? One that helps us take control?

Picture our community, secure and prosperous, resilient from the financial, political and ecological shocks in the country and the world. Imagine a Calder Valley where the economy comprises hundreds of small businesses with social and sustainability aims at their core.

Imagine being part of one of these businesses, where your community and co-workers support you and the enterprise and your enterprise supports others. We can make this a reality, if we foster mutual self-help between existing and new enterprises – a solidarity economy.

Another economy is possible. This is a chance to be part of it.

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