We have lift off

Calderdale’s next economy

Calderdale Bootstrap is starting to imagine another economy – a thriving, resilient solidarity economy of mutual self-help between existing and new enterprises, where people and environment matter.

We’d like you to get involved.

Are you interested in finding out more about the solidarity economy in Calderdale and beyond?

Do you want to help to support and grow this economy and the enterprises within it?

Do you have an idea for an enterprise that could be part of Calderdale’s next economy, or are you an existing enterprise looking to go to the next level?

Might you be interested in pitching your idea at our event to crowdfund and receive support from your community?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then watch this space. Over the coming months Calderdale Bootstrap will be bringing the community together to find new ways to work together and support each other.

The emphasis is on getting stuff done and creating livelihoods, on celebrating and growing the creativity and mutuality that already exists here.

Calderdale is showing that another economy is possible. Be part of it.

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